Different settings of « On-The- Go » (ex-FollowMeAudio)

This article is for Voice Bridge users who want to learn more about the different settings of "On-The-Go" (ex-FollowMeAudio). If you want to learn more about On-The-Go (ex-FollowMeAudio) feature, please read this article. If your inquiry concerns one of our other products please click here.

One of Voice Bridge’s main features is the ability to get and place landline calls on the go. You will find 3 different switchs in the menu « On the Go ».

  • the first switch is to activate / deactivate this feature. If deactivated here, the feature is deactivated on the base level, so NONE of the paired phone to your base will be able to use the landline when away from your WiFi network.
  • the second switch is to activate / deactivate this feature locally on your phone. If you don’t want to get landline calls when away from home, but someone else in the household wants the feature, leave the first switch ON and disable this switch on your phone.
  • the third switch will force the app to behave as if you were always away from home. This mean you won’t be able to access all features in the settings menu. Be careful with this option an only manipulate it if you are invited to by Invoxia’s support team.

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