How do I remove a device from the base ? - iOS

This article is iOS users who possess a Voice Bridge unit and want to remove a device from the base. If you are an Android user please read this article. To connect your base to your mobile, please read this article if you are an iOS user or this article if you are an Android user. If your inquiry concerns one of our other products please click here.

Whether you have connected 5 devices and want to free space to connect new ones, or if you simply want to remove an old phone you don’t own anymore, you can do this from any phone connected to Voice Bridge.

Take a phone connected to Voice Bridge, make sure you are on your local WiFi network, open the app and :

  • Devices in Settings


  • Click on « Edit »


  • Delete the device(s) you want


/!\ be carefull as if you accidentaly delete a device and want to pair it again, it will need to be on your local network. There is no way to pair a device with Voice Bridge if the device is away from you WiFi network.

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