What is the « Country settings » and « Area code » setting? - Android

This article is for Voice Bridge users who want to learn more about on how to set the country setting and "Area code" setting in the Voice Bridge app. If you are an iOS user please read this article. If your inquiry concerns one of our other products please click here.

From a technical point of view, phone calls are not implemented and handled in the same way all over the word. Depending on the country you live in, telephony companies use different phone standards regarding impedance, caller ID transmission and a few other information.

Furthermore, phone numbers needs to be formatted and displayed differently in each country. In certain countries like the USA or Canada, a system of area code is also used.

It is mandatory to set Voice Bridge accordingly to the country it is installed in (and set the area code you live in if relevant). The « Country » needs to be set to the country Voice Bridge base unit is installed in.

Setting Voice Bridge to a wrong country would result in wrong number formatting, bad audio quality, and even possibly lost calls.

Even if you use Voice Bridge from abroad, you do not need to modify this setting. If Voice Bridge is installed in country A and you use it remotely from country B, you need to set it as country A.

You will find below views of the Android application.

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