How to preset all members of your circle for calls from Triby (iOS)

This is article is for users who want to preset all members of their circle to be able to call them from Triby. If you are an Android user please read this article.

  • In the Triby app select your Triby

  • Choose "Call Buttons", call buttons one and two can be preset with two members of your circle (more in this article), click on "Add to list" and then choose the member you want to add

  • All members will be displayed in the order you chose them to appear

  • On your Triby, press the button with the (...) (red square)


  • You will see appear the list of all the members you preset

  • With the same button, select the member you wish to call by pressing until you reach the said member (here I chose to call Triby work 2)

  • When your choice is done, leave the marker and Triby will call the member (here it's a call from one Triby to another Triby but you can call from your Triby to a member on its smartphone)

If you have questions on how to make calls between Triby and your group members please read this article.

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