How to set up Alexa on Triby (iOS)?

This article is for iOS users who want to setup Alexa on Triby. If you are an Android user please read this article.

  • Go to "Settings"

  • Click on "General"

  • Choose "Languages and Regions"


  • Click on "Iphone language"

  • Choose "English (U.K.)" if you are a UK user or "Deutsch (Deutschland)" if you are German user

  • Choose "Change to English (U.K.)" or "Eisntellen Deutsch (Deutschland)" 

  • Your Iphone will reset before changing to English or German depending on your choice

  • Select after "Region" and choose "United Kingdom" or "Germany" upon your location

  • Click "Continue"

  • Your Iphone is now in English or German and located in the United Kingdom or Germany​​, go to the Triby app and choose "Settings" or "Einstellungen" (if in German)

  • Select your Triby

  • Click on "Amazon Alexa"

  • Click on "Sign into Amazon" or "Melden Sie sich bei Amazon an"

  • Enter all your Amazon's credentials and click on "Sign in"

  • Click on "I agree"


  • A popup will show on your smartphone's screen, click on "Open"


  • Alexa is now enable on your Iphone. Depending on if you choose to keep or disable "Tap to talk" mode, the Alexa icon will appear on the top left on your Triby's screen

  • If you have enable "Tap to Talk" mode you must use the button located on the right side of Triby

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