My phone does not charge when docked

If your phone does not seem to charge when docked, please start to check all wiring:

  • check that the USB cable that goes from the NVX 200 to your phone is correctly plugged into the NVX 200
  • check that NVX 200 is turned ON and correctly powered (its screen should always display something)

If above points are checked and ok, but your phone still does not charge when docked, this is most likely because the connection is not properly made between the cable and your phone's charging hole. This can happen if you use a phone case that is too thick.

In this situation, please check if the NVX 200 cable is set to its higher position in its plastic adaptor.

Below, find an illustration with a lightning cable as an example. (the exact same situation goes for micro-USB cables and USB-C cables).

Please set the cable and the plastic adaptor to their higher position, position 2 on the picture.


You will need to remove the adaptor from the NVX 200 to be able to move the cable inside. Once the adaptor is inserted in the NVX 200, the cable can not move anymore.


Have a closer look to an illustration of the two setup possibles with a close-up of a USB-C cable and its adaptor.

Upper position: Lower position:
upper_p.JPG lower_p.JPG
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