How to share one NVX 200 between several persons ?

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A single NVX 200 can be paired with multiple phones simultaneously, and connected with two devices at the same time.

  • I use more than one mobile with my NVX 200, which mobile will get connected to the NVX 200?

Your NVX 200 will reconnect with the last mobile it has been used with.

  • If we share our NVX 200 in a meeting room, how to be sure we will not get reconnected unintentionally when working or walking close by?

Only iOS mobiles can be simultaneously connected with two Bluetooth accessories. It's only with iOS devices that you may have a chance of unintentionally get connected with a shared NVX 200.

For your phone to reconnect to the NVX 200, all following conditions must be met. To avoid re-connections, you have to prevent one of the conditions to happen:

  1. Your mobile must have been paired with the NVX 200 at least once before.
  2. Your mobile must be the last device used with the NVX 200.
  3. Both devices are close enough to each other to reconnect (Bluetooth range ~ 10-15m indoor).

If the the three requirements are met, there is a chance your mobile will reconnect to a shared NVX 200. To prevent this from happening, we recommend to manually break the NVX <-> smartphone connection when you leave the meeting room by doing a long press on the central caller button until you hear a double "beep" and a voice saying "Disconnecting".

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