My Triby's flag keeps popping out - iOS

This article is for iOS users, and explains how to solve the issue of Triby's flag that keeps popping out. If you are an Android user, please read this article. If your inquiry concerns another product, please click here.

It may happen that your Triby's flag keeps popping out even when there are no doodles sent.

If you are facing this issue, please follow this step-to-step guide:

  • Open the Triby app, and go to "Settings"


  • Select your Triby


  • Click on "Display"


  • Turn "Clock and Temperature" off, wait a couple of minutes; your Triby's screen should now only display the last doodle received



  • Turn "Clock and Temperature" back on


  • If needed, restart your Triby as explained in this article

Your Triby's flag should now function properly.

If the problem continues, please do a hard reboot of your Triby.

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