Alexa will not connect to Amazon's servers making it unavailable on Triby

This article is for Triby's users who are encountering issues with Alexa services. If your inquiry concerns other issues or products please browse through our Help Center.

If you are a Triby and Alexa user, you might have encountered issues with Amazon vocal assistant lately.

Triby is unable to connect to Amazon's servers thus making Alexa partially or totally unavailable.

The symptoms are:

  • The Alexa icon (a circle located on the top left on Triby's screen) will show for few seconds or minutes then disappear
  • Triby will eventually reboot every 15 minutes thus disturb other Triby's services

In order to avoid unnecessary battery draining, Alexa losing the connection and/or other issues please log out from your Amazon account for the time being.

Rest assure, Invoxia's engineers are working around the clock to fix this issue as quickly as possible.

Finally, when the problem is solved we will add the information directly in this article.

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