How does the After Sale Service work?

This article is for the persons who want to have information concerning the warranties. If your inquiry concerns a technical question, a setup or a general support on one of our product, please search our Help Center by clicking here.

If your product is broken or does not function properly, please contact the support in order to obtain information about after sale service.

Please note:

  • The support may ask you to do some manipulation and/or updates in order to understand the issue encountered with your product
  • This diagnostic remain speculative until the product is properly checked by the technical team
  • In order to establish a final diagnostic on the product, the support may ask the customer to send back the device for further inspection
  • Shipping charge may be at the customer expense unless stated previously otherwise
  • The customer is kindly requested to follow the procedure setup by the support which he will receive by email
  • Time and cost may differ, however Invoxia will try to fix the product or give the customer an alternate solution within seven (7) working days. The customer will also receive information and notification about his query by email and/or phone
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