How do you charge the Tracker?

This article will explain to you how to turn your tracker on. If you have other questions on the Invoxia's GPS Tracker please click here. If your inquiry concerns other products please visit our Help Center

The tracker uses a USB cable to charge (example below):


You can use the USB cable in 2 ways to charge your tracker:

  • Connect the cable to a standard USB charger (for example one use to charge smartphones, egg: Samsung USB charger)


  • On a computer USB port


When the led is light it usually means your tracker is charging (more details in this article):
  • The tracker is charging (not fully charged), the led is turned on
  • The tracker is fully charged, the led will turn off

It takes approximately 80 minutes for the GPS tracker to be fully charged.

When the tracker is fully charged, you may pair it with your smartphone.

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