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This article gives you all the information about the tracker's national coverage. If your inquiry relates to other products we invite you to visit the Help Center.


The Invoxia GPS tracker uses different networks depending on the country in which it is installed. Currently, it relies on the new IoT network SigFox in Europe (RC1).

In France, however, the Invoxia tracker uses the LoRa low-power network (operated by Objenious of Bouygues Telecom). In Switzerland, it uses LoRa by Swisscom.

Unlike most trackers on the market that use GSM, these networks do not require a SIM card but a subscription that is included for the first 3 years. Starting from the fourth year, the subscription is charged only €9.90 per year. which saves you about 90€ compared to a GSM tracker.

As these networks are being deployed, it is important to check the coverage in your area before purchasing the product.

Follow the links below to consult your coverage:

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