How To Pair Triby With Your Smartphone (Android)?

This article will explain to you how to pair your smartphone with Triby (please note this article is for Android users). If you have other questions on Triby please click here. If your inquiry concerns other product please visit our Help Center

If you are an iOS user, please read this article.

After you created your group, you can pair your smarphone with Triby and assign actions to the buttons.

In order to pair your Android smartphone with Triby please follow this step-to-step guide below:

  • Choose your Triby in the list (here we chose Triby, red square)


  • Click on "NEXT" (red square)


  • Turn on Triby by pressing the Play/Pause button for about 2 seconds, you should then hear "Pairing mode, waiting for connection", in the app click "Next"



  • Triby takes about 1 minute to start, click on "Next" (red square)


  • Make sure bluetooth and wifi are enabled in your settings (Settings -> Bluetooth -> Tick in green & Settings -> Wifi -> tick in green), click on "Next" (red square) 


  • Choose  your Triby in the list (here Triby-45FC, red square) 


  • Please wait while the connection is established 


  • A bluetooth pairing request will be displayed on your smartphone's screen, click on "OK" (red square)


  • Enter your Wifi credentials and click on "Send" (red square) this can take a few minutes 



  • Triby is now paired with your smartphone, in the app you can see Triby's buttons 


You can now preset Triby's buttons. 

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