How to charge Triby?

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Triby in order to function correctly needs to be charge time to time. To charge Triby you need to use the dedicated power cable.

  • Triby's power cable looks like that 


  • To charge Triby, take the power cable and insert in the dedicated hole, located on the right side (red square)



Please note:

  • Triby needs 2 to 4 hours to be fully charged
  • Triby charges faster when turned off
  • Triby's cable cannot be used to download and/or upload data
  • Any USB cable can be used to charge Triby
  • Triby will send a push notification to your phone when its battery is low (less than 20%), and will display a message on its screen as well
  • Triby will display the following image when it needs to be charged: gdgdgfdgdfgd.png
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