How to connect Triby to wifi?

This article will explain to you how to connect Triby to the wifi. If you have other questions on Triby please click here. If your inquiry concerns other product please visit our Help Center

When you setup Triby, it will retrieve your smartphone's wifi settings via Bluetooth.

Please note:

  • Triby is compatible with 5GHz WiFi networks
  • Triby cannot connect to hotspots, WLAN networks using certificate or networks using proxies

Change Triby's WiFi network:

  • Turn on Bluetooth and connect your smartphone to the desired wifi network
  • Take your Triby and press button 3 and + (red square)


  • Scroll down until you reach "Wifi" and select using the button +


  • Scroll down with the button 4 and 5 and choose "Select network"


  • Select the desired network, Triby is now connected to the desired wifi

Please note : Triby will keep all previous networks in mind, so you will only have to do this once for each network. Triby will automatically connect to any previously identified network.

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