How to assign a contact to one of Triby's button (Android)?

This article will explain to you how to assign a contact to one of Triby's button. Please note this article is for Android users. If you have other questions on Triby please click here. If your inquiry concerns other products please visit our Help Center

If you are an iOS user, please read this article.

With Triby you can call your group's member by assigning them to one button. Then simply press that button and you'll call your contact!

For that please follow this step-to-step guide below:

  • Open the Triby app (red square)


  • Select the button on which you wish to assign a contact (here we chose the button 2, red square)


  • Select "Calls" (red square)


  • Choose the contact to assign to Triby's button (here we chose Mum, red square)


  • Your contact is now assign to the chosen button (red square)


  • Simply press the button and Triby will automatically call your contact


You can assign other services on Triby's buttons, for example a radio station, a Spotify playlist, etc.

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