How to send a Doodle on Triby (iOS)?

This article will explain to you how to send Doodles on Triby. Please note this article is for iOS users. If you have other questions on Triby please click here. If your inquiry concerns other products please visit our Help Center

If you are an Android user, please read this article.

Doodles are one of the most cool features of Triby; they are a practical, fun and creative way of communicating with your family members.

To send doodles that will show on Triby's screen, please follow this step to step guide:

  • Open the Triby app (black square)


  • Click on "Doodles" (red square)


  • Click on the sign + (red square)


  • Type your message and click on "Send" (red square)



  • The message will be displayed on Triby's screen and the yellow flag (the notification of an incoming Doodle) will pop out (red squares) 



  • To clear Triby's screen gently push back in the flag, a notification stating your Doodle was read will appear on your smartphone


  • In the Triby app, you can see all the Doodles that were sent and their status (the small tick, red square)


You can also call your group members, call using intercom, etc.

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