How to set up Alexa on Triby (iOS)?

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The Alexa Voice Service is a cloud-based voice command service provided by Amazon. It gives you immediate access to several services from a distance, simply by asking. In this article you will learn how to set up Alexa on your Triby.

Alexa is only available in the USA, UK and Germany. In order to use all Alexa's services you must be located in one of these countries.

To set your Iphone in order to use Alexa, please follow the instructions below:

  • Go to "Settings" (red square)


  • Click on "General" (red square)

  • Choose "Languages and Regions" (red square)

  • Click on "Iphone language" (red square)

  • Choose "English (U.K.)" if you are a UK user or "Deutsch (Deutschland)" if you are German user (red squares)

  • Choose "Change to English (U.K.)" or "Eisntellen Deutsch (Deutschland)"(red squares)

  • Your Iphone will reset before changing to English or German depending on your choice

  • Select after "Region" and choose "United Kingdom" or "Germany" upon your location (red squares)

  • Click "Continue" (red square)

  • Your Iphone is now in English or German and located in the United Kingdom or Germany​​, go to the Triby app and choose "Settings" (red square) or "Einstellungen" (if in German). Our Triby set as walk through is set in UK


  • Click on your Triby (here Triby Geekegluk, red square)


  • Click on "Amazon Alexa" (red square)


  • Click on "Sign into Amazon" (red square)


  • The Amazon app will automatically open or a web page (our example here is with a web page), enter your credentials in the dedicated area (red squares)



  • Alexa is now enable on your Triby, Alexa's icon is displayed on the screen (red square)



If you choose to have Tap to Talk enable, please read this article.

You can now enjoy Alexa and ask your first questions!

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