I'm unable to find the mobile app in the App Store (iOS)

This article will explain to you how to find the mobile app in the App Store (iOS). If you have other questions on the Invoxia's GPS Tracker please click here. If your inquiry concerns other products please visit our Help Center

The mobile app is exclusively available on the French and Swiss App Store. To download the app your phone must either be set in French and located in France or set in French/German and located in Switzerland. To set the country and language settings please do these actions: "Settings" > "General" > "Language and Region" > in "Iphone Language" choose French or German & in "Region" either choose France or Switzerland.

If you on your mobile, please follow these instructions:

  • Open the App Store (black square)


  • In the search bar, type Invoxia GPS or Invoxia tracker, the actual name of the Invoxia's GPS tracker (red square)


  • Download the app by clicking on the download icon

  • The download will start


  • The app is now installed on your Iphone

You can now pair your tracker with your smartphone.

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