How to link the Tracker with my Invoxia user account (Android)?

This article will explain to you how to link your tracker to your Invoxia user account (Android). If you have other questions on the Invoxia's GPS Tracker please click here. If your inquiry concerns other products please visit our Help Center

If you are an iOS user, please read this article.

In order to link your tracker with your user account and Android, please follow this step to step guide below.

  • Open the mobile app (red square)


  • Click on "Register" (red square)


  • Enter the email address and password you want to use with your user account (red square), click on "I accept the terms of use" and press the blue arrow (red square)


  • Click on "Add a new Roadie" (red square)


  • Click on "Allow" (red square)


  • Click on "Add" (red square)


  • Please wait while the bluetooth pairing is established (red square)


  • The tracker is now setup with your smartphone (red square)


  • The tracker is now paired with your Android smartphone


You may start to use the tracker, in order to do that please read this article.

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