Installing Voice Bridge

This article concerns new users of Voice Bridge, if your inquiry concerns other problems/materials please follow that link.

Your box contains:

  • Download the Voice Bridge app for iOS from the App Store or download the Voice Bridge app for Android from the Google Playstore.
  • Connect the phone cable (translucent connectors) to the    female plug of Voice Bridge. If you connect it directly to your wall plug: Insert the cable connector into your country telephone socket. Plug then into your wall plug. If you connect it you a router: Connect the connector to your broadband router dedicated telephone plug. N.B.: If you already have a phone and wish to keep it, you may use the RJ11 splitter.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable (yellow connectors) to the        female plug of Voice Bridge, and the other to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Plug the main power adapter to Voice Bridge       and to your wall mount socket.
  • Enable your smartphone Wi-Fi and check if you’re well connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Launch the app, the wizard will automatically guide you to the base discovery
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