I can't discover Voice Bridge with my application

This article is for Voice Bridge users who fail to discover Voice Bridge using Bluetooth. If you are an Android user, please read this article. If you are an iOS user, please read this article. If your inquiry concerns one of our other products please click here.

If you can't discover Voice Bridge, please follow these steps:

- make sure the LED is lit up. If it is not, your Voice Bridge is not well plugged to the mains,

- make sure the LED is steady. If it is blinking it either means that Voice Bridge is upgrading or booting: please be patient and wait for the LED to be steady,

- Try to discover Voice Bridge. If it does not work, please turn off Wi-Fi from your smartphone and then turn it on,

- Discovery should be ok now.


If this still doesn't work:

- make sure the router is in DHCP mode (to provide an IP address to Voice Bridge)

- make sure that Voice Bridge and your smart device are on the same subnet of your LAN.

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