Audio works in only one direction

This article is for Voice Bridge users who have an audio issue which only works in one direction. If your inquiry concerns one of our other products please click here.

If your audio works in only one direction when you are in a call (for example: you can hear the distant caller, but he can't hear you), it is highly probable that you have an issue related to the setup of your home network.

In order to work properly Voice Bridge needs to be on the same subnet as your smartphone/tablet. 

Please check if two routers are on your network, both distributing IP addresses, and Voice Bridge and the smartphone/tablets are not on the same router. 

For instance, in the example below Voice Bridge won't work correctly: 

- The smartphone/tablet is in the subnet created by router 2 

- Voice Bridge in the subnet created by router 1 


To solve this particular case: 

- plug Voice Bridge on router 2 (if router 2 has a free Ethernet port)

- or, configure router 2 to behave not any longer as a router but as a Wi-Fi access point (this way router 2 won't distribute IP addresses)

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