Can I listen to my music ?

You may listen to your music from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Samsung Galaxy easlily with a simple Bluetooth connection.

For other devices, if your phone/app supports the audio through Bluetooth (using the HFP and A2DP protocols) then playing your music or listening to any kind of audio is possible.

Given the large number of exiting smartphones/tablets and apps, we cannot give a detailed list per product for compatibility. Please check with your device manufacturer or app developer for more details.

You can control your music directly from the NVX 220, your iPhone, iPad or iPod docked/USB connected.

  •     One simple push on volume button is for Play or Pause.
  •     Double tap the volume button to go to next song.
  •     Triple tap to go back to the song opening or to the previous title.

For other devices, please interact from your app directly.

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