Performing a factory reset

If you're having trouble changing your WiFi settings or you want to reset your Bluetooth pairing, we recommend performing a factory reset.

The factory reset will break the initial Bluetooth pairing between Triby and every other device connected to your group. It will also reset all of Triby's WiFi settings.

In this article, you will be guided step-by-step through the factory reset process.


Step 1: Remove your Triby from your group

  • Go to your Triby app, in the settings tab
  • Select your Triby, then select "remove this device"

  • Confirm by typing your password.


Step 2: Do the factory reset on your Triby

  • Enter Triby's menu by pressing the two list buttons "..."

  • Select the sub-menu "system"
  • Go to "factory reset"

  • Confirm by pressing the telephone key.
  • Triby is now rebooting, and will automatically put itself in Bluetooth pairing mode.


Step 3: Forget Triby in your iPhone's Bluetooth settings

After a factory reset, you need to make your iPhone forget its first pairing with Triby, otherwise, it won't be able to connect.

  • Go to your iPhone's settings
  • Select Bluetooth, then find your Triby in the list
  • Click (i) at the right of the screen, and select "forget this device"

Why do you need to do this? "Pairing" is defined as the first connexion between 2 devices via Bluetooth. On every iOS device, this can only be done once; when you go through a factory reset, your iPhone will try to pair with Triby while a previous pairing exists. That's why you need to "forget" the previous pairing and replace it with the new one. After you've done this, Bluetooth connection will go smoothly (you will just need to press the list button "..." on the left)


Step 4: Follow the wizard

You're almost there! Now you just need to go back to the app, to the settings tab, and select "add another Triby".

Then follow the wizard, exactly like you did when you first set up Triby. You can go to this page if you need some more information on the setup wizard.



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