I found the radio I was looking for, but Triby reads "radio unavailable"

This article is for users who are encountering issues with Internet radio they wished to listen to. If you wish to setup Internet radio stations please read this article if you are an iOS user or this article if you are an Android user.

There could be several causes to this issue:

  • The issue can come from the radio itself:
    1. Some radios are not broadcasting 24/7
    2. The radio's internal servers might be down. Make sure to go and check the radio's website for any irregularities.
  • Sometimes Triby cannot connect correclty to our servers for one particular radio. Try to reboot Triby, that is usually enough to reset all previous connection attempts.
  • Finally, there are thousands of radios available on Triby, but a few very local or underground radios might not be available on Triby.
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