What is a MAC address and how do I find it on my Triby?

What is a MAC address?

The MAC address of a product is a sequence of 12 alphanumerical characters which identifies the product on a network interface.

Example of a MAC address: 18:B7:9E:02:14:10

- the first 6 digits are the same for all invoxia products

- the last 6 digits are unique for every product and are used to identify it on our network interface.



Where can I find my Triby's MAC address?

Your Triby's MAC address looks like this:


There are two ways to find your Triby's MAC address:

If you do have access to your Triby's screen:

  1. Simultaneously, press the two list buttons on either side of the screen (...)
  2. Press Radio preset 2 to navigate to System. Press the right side list button (...) to select.
  3. Select Information. Your MAC address will be listed on the second line, just beneath Version.

If you don't have access to your Triby's screen:

The 6 Xs correspond to the unique ID of your Triby. This ID is identical to the last 6 digits of your Triby's serial number.

This Triby's MAC address is 18:B7:9E:02:14:10


The MAC address is not the same as the serial number. Read more.

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