Spotify Connect - Set your playlists on Triby's Radio buttons

You're going to love this feature; you can set a playlist to one of Triby's Radio buttons, which allows you to play it on Triby without having to use a smartphone.


How to set a playlist on a Radio button

  • Start by playing one of your playlists on Triby using Spotify Connect. If you're experiencing difficulties or if you are not yet familiar with this, you can find all the information here.

  • Pick a Radio button and press it for 2 seconds. Triby will read "preset saved"

Your playlist is now saved. Any radio station previously set on this button will be replaced with the Spotify playlist.


Monitor your music directly on Triby

  • "Next song": double press the "play/pause" button
  • "Previous song": triple press the "play/pause" button
  • If you want to play your playlist in shuffle mode: By default, setting the playlist on a Radio button will save its playing mode as well. So if the playlist is in shuffle mode in Spotify, it will be saved in shuffle mode on Triby. To make sure the playlist is set in shuffle mode:
    1. Check that your phone is not connected to Triby with Bluetooth
    2. Open Spotify app and start playing your playlist in shuffle
    3. Choose Triby in the list of available devices 
    4. Turn the shuffle mode off then on again
    5. Press the chosen Radio button for 2 seconds to save the playlist on Triby


What if my playlist's title is not displayed correctly?

If the title of your saved playlist is not displayed correctly on Triby, it might be because the link between the preset saved on Triby and the actual settings of the playlist online has failed. To refresh it, switch the audio to your smartphone, play the playlist, switch the audio back on Triby, then save your playlist on Triby again by pressing the Radio button for 2 seconds.


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