How to connect your phone to Triby via Bluetooth

This article will explain you how to connect Triby by bluetooth to your smartphone. Depending if you are an iOS or Android user, the set up may differ. You may find more information below and in the connected articles.

Triby supports Bluetooth, which allows you to stream your phone's music locally just like a regular Bluetooth speaker, to make hands-free calls, and so much more.

Initial Bluetooth pairing

"Pairing" is the term used for the first Bluetooth connection between 2 devices. Triby is paired to your mobile device when you first go through the setup wizard in the app. You may find how to do so in the dedicated article:

If you went through a factory reset, you will have to make your phone "forget" the pairing and then restore it. More on factory resets


Connecting your phone to Triby via Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection between your mobile device and Triby works the same way as with any other Bluetooth speaker.

To connect to Triby via Bluetooth, place your phone within a 3m/10ft radius away from Triby, turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone (more information in the articles: for iOS user and Android user), then press Triby's left list button "..." under the call buttons:

  • To enable Bluetooth discovery mode, press the list button for 2 seconds
  • To disable it, press for 5 seconds
  • To erase all previous pairing saved on Triby (that is all previous connections with other devices), press for 10 seconds

Select Triby from the list of available devices in your phone's Bluetooth connection settings and click to connect.

Generally speaking:

  • If you can't find Triby in your phone's list of available devices, make sure Triby's Bluetooth pairing mode is activated by pressing the left list button for 2 seconds
  • If you can find Triby but are unable to pair with it, make your phone "forget" Triby and then try again.

Note : Just like any other Bluetooth speaker, Triby can only be connected to one device at a time.


Bluetooth mode on Triby

The Bluetooth feature of Triby allows you to:


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