How does Triby update its software?

This article will explain you how Triby update its software (only if connected by wifi).

Triby's internal software is regularly enriched and updated with new features and bug fixes. If you have a Triby group, you will be notified by email whenever a new update is made available.

When a new version of the software is available, it will automatically update on your Triby. Every 24 hours or on startup, Triby will check our servers for updates. If a new version is available, Triby will download it and then reboot automatically.

To download or update Triby's app, please select the right link:

Pour télécharger ou faire la mise à jour de l'application Triby, vous pouvez le faire ci-dessous :

N.B : This requires a WiFi connection.

If your Triby is having trouble automatically updating its software, check how you can do it manually.

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