Make calls between Triby and group members

Using the Triby app, you can make calls between Triby and group members (or members of an invited group).


Make calls from the app

In the "Call" tab of the app, simply touch the avatar of a member (or Triby) to start the call.

If one of the avatars is grayed out, it means it hasn't been "activated" yet, which means it is not yet linked to a mobile device. Learn more


Make calls from Triby

To make calls directly from Triby, you first need to pre-set the call buttons. Learn more


Receive calls from Triby on your smartphone

Whenever someone is calling you from Triby, your phone will ring so long as you are connected to the internet. Simply unlock your phone to answer. 

Please note that on iOS devices, Apple does not authorize the Triby app to start the call without first unlocking the device.


Click here to learn more about how calls technically work on Triby.

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