Send messages ("doodles") to your Triby with the app (iOS)

This article is for iOS users who want to send doodles. If you are an Android user and would like to send doodles, please read this article.

Doodles are one of the most admired features of Triby; they are a practical, fun and creative way of communicating with your family members.

To send doodles that will show on Triby's screen, please follow this step to step guide:

  • Go to the Triby app

  • Click on the "plus" (red square)

  • Type your message, use emojis or draw and then click the button "Send"

  • The message will appear as this on your smartphone device

  • Your message will appear like this on your Triby's screen and the yellow flag will be sticking out on the side

  • When your message is read, after the receiver pushed in the yellow flag, you will receive a notification on your smartphone

  • Once your doodle has been sent, the read receipt will tell you if your message was sent/read:
  1. A dotted circle means your doodle is waiting to be received by Triby; it has been sent to our servers, but it does not show on Triby yet. Usually, doodles take a few seconds to be sent. If it stays like this for a longer time, click here to read more about how doodles are sent.
  2. A full circle means your doodle was sent and displayed on Triby but hasn't been read yet.
  3. A ticked circle means your message was sent, displayed, and seen; the receiver pushed the yellow flag.
  4. An emoji means your message was sent, displayed, and that the receiver replied with this particular emoji.

Please note that if you send a new message but the previous one has not been read, the old one will be replaced by the new one. However, both can still be seen in the app.


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