Asking your first question

Now it’s time to ask Alexa your first question! First, make sure your Triby is connected to your WiFi network and that the Alexa icon is showing in the top left corner (if you are in Tap to Talk mode, the icon will be a microphone until you press the right-side button).

To begin a command, you have 2 options:

  1. Say the wake word “Alexa” followed by your command
  2. Press the button on Triby’s right side (just above the charging area) and then start talking. This method is called tap to talk and does not require beginning your voice command with “Alexa”.

However, if you use Tap to Talk mode, remember that you can only begin a command using the right side button (for more information, check this article).

When Alexa has detected the wake word, Triby’s blue LED turns on:

  • The blue LED is on (solid) = Alexa is listening to your request
  • The blue LED flashes quickly = Alexa is processing your request
  • The blue LED flashes slowly = Alexa is answering

If you hear a failure sound, it means that Triby detected the wake word but your request didn’t get through to the cloud and, therefore, wasn’t not processed. In this situation, simply wait until the end of the failure sound and try your command again.


Ready to ask your first question? Why not try one of these:


Be sure to check out which Alexa commands are currently working/not working on Triby.


Get creative and have fun!

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