How to set up Triby on iOS (2/2) - Follow the wizard

This article is the sequel to the first article on setting Triby up and creating a Triby group. You can find it here.

Powering on your Triby

  • Before turning Triby on, plug it into a USB power source, using the supplied cable. Make sure it is in a WiFi covered zone, preferably within 15 feet of the WiFi router. Also, verify that your mobile device is connected to your home WiFi network and that Bluetooth is on.
  • To turn on Triby, press the play-pause button for 2 seconds
  • Triby is starting: it needs about one minute to power on.

Bluetooth pairing

  • You will now need to pair Triby to your phone via Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, then wait until your phone has detected Triby for Bluetooth pairing. If you previously went through a factory reset, don’t forget to go to your phone Bluetooth settings and make it forget your Triby first (otherwise it won’t be able to connect). Read more

WiFi connection

  • Give your Triby a name.
  • Choose the WiFI network you want Triby to be connected to and click 'Authorize'. Click here to know more about which network to choose
  • Triby is now retrieving its configuration from our servers

Create your avatar

  • The app will then invite you to be the first member of your Triby group by choosing an avatar. You can then create avatars for your other family members, or just skip this step and let them create their own when they download the app. See how to perfectly set up your group's avatars

Setting up radio buttons

  • The app will then guide you through the process of configuring radio buttons. Learn more about how to set up radio buttons here. You can change these parameters later on.

Sending your first doodle

  • Then the app will help you to send your first doodle

And here you go, your Triby is set up! We hope you will have a great time using it! Please go ahead and scroll through our knowledge base for more information regarding specific features. 


N.B: During its first launch, the Triby app will request access to your microphone and to be able to receive notifications. Those 2 permissions are necessary to place and receive calls on Triby. You can configure these parameters in the settings of your mobile device.

Attention : Under iOS 11.2, 11.2.1 et 11.2.2, it is impossible to setup Triby and go beyond step 6, a fix available with the latest iOS 11.2.5 update, more details in this article.

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