Triby's battery - charge, battery life

This article will explain you how to charge Triby and give you information about its autonomy.

Charging Triby

Triby charges via a micro-USB cable. You can connect Triby to one of your computer's USB ports, or use any other USB charger or cable you already own.

We recommend using a 500mA charger or better. Generally, any smartphone charger will be appropriate.

Triby will need 2-4 hours to fully charge (Triby charges faster when it is off).

Please note that the supplied cable is only designed for charging and that it is not able to transfer data. If you have lost your cable, just use any micro-USB cable (the charging time might vary from cable to cable).

In addition, please note that in the current software version (10.13.3), Triby does not automatically turn on after being plugged in. This won't be the case in the next version. Once Triby is charged, you need to press the play/pause button for 2 seconds to turn it on.



  • When not in use, Triby's battery can last several weeks
  • Triby's battery will last 7-10 hours on non-stop audio streaming (10 hours at low volume, 7 hours with multiple calls and a higher listening volume)

Note: Leaving Triby plugged all the time will not affect battery life.


Triby's level of charge

Triby will display the following image when it needs to be charged:

Triby will send a push notification to your phone when its battery is low (less than 20%), and will display a message on its screen as well.

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