How to connect Triby to your WiFi network

To which WiFi networks can you connect Triby?

  • Triby is compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi networks with an SSID key or a password.
  • If you are using several WiFi access points with the same SSID, Triby will switch from one to the other as soon as it comes within range of the nearest signal.
  • Triby cannot connect to 5GHz WiFi networks. If your router is by default set to 5GHz, you can change to 2,4GHz in your router settings. Your will then need to connect your smartphone to the new network and change Triby's WiFi settings accordingly (see below)
  • Triby cannot connect to hotspots, WLAN networks using certificate or networks using proxies.


Change Triby's WiFi network

When you first setup Triby, it will retrieve your smartphone's WiFi settings via Bluetooth. As Triby does not support hotspots, WLAN or 5GHz networks, make sure your phone is connected to a compatible network before first setting up Triby.

If you want to connect Triby to another WiFi network:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and connect it to the new network
  • Go to the settings tab of the app, then select your Triby
  • Select "Change WiFi network"
  • Then follow the wizard.

Good thing to know: Triby will keep all previous networks in mind, so you will only have to do this once for each network. Triby will automatically connect to any previously identified network.


How to check Triby's connection status?

By default, Triby does not show any specific icon when it is connected. However, when the connection is lost, it will show this icon on the top right corner of the screen:

If you want to access more specific information on Triby's connection status:

  • Press the 2 list buttons simultaneously to enter Triby's menu
  • Then navigate to the 'WiFi' section by scrolling through menu using your radio preset buttons (1 for up, 2 for down).


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