Automatic Bluetooth Reconnection (only with iOS)

This article will explain you how you can enable and disable Triby's feature "Automatic Bluetooth Reconnection" only with iOS. For more information on bluetooth connection, please read this article.

Whenever you are in range, your iOS device will automatically reconnect to Triby over Bluetooth. This feature makes it easier than ever to have all of your calls and music seamlessly go through your Triby. If you have multiple iOS devices registered to your Triby, only the first to be connected will function over Bluetooth.

To disable Automatic Bluetooth Reconnection:

  1. Navigate to 'Settings' in your Triby app
  2. Select 'Advanced Parameters'
  3. Click the circle to the right of 'Bluetooth Reconnect'. (If it is lit green, the feature is activated.)

Note: Keyboard click sounds, if enabled on your mobile device, will not be played on Triby through Automatic Bluetooth Reconnect

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