Setting up Alexa

The Alexa Voice Service is a cloud-based voice command service provided by Amazon. It gives you immediate access to several services from a distance, simply by asking. In this article you will learn how to set up Alexa on your Triby.

Software Requirements:

  • Triby must be running software version 10.35 and above
  • Triby iOS app must be running software version 2.9 and above
  • Works on every version of the Android app

Click here to find out which version of the software you are running on your Triby or Triby App



1. Link Triby to your Amazon account

To enable Alexa on Triby, you need to link your Triby to your Amazon account:

  • In the Settings tab of the Triby app, choose the Triby you want to link to Alexa

  • Select "Amazon Alexa"

  • Select "Sign into Amazon"

  • Then type in your Amazon credentials, and once you're back on the confirmation screen, look for the Alexa icon on the top left corner of your Triby (remember that in Tap to Talk mode, this icon will be a microphone until you press the button):

Don't forget to take a look at this article that covers everything about enabling/disabling Alexa on Triby.



2. Get the Alexa app to personalize your settings

The Alexa app will help you set up Alexa according to your preferences. It will also keep track of your queries, host your to-do lists, shopping lists, and more. It is the indispensable companion app when using Alexa. You can download it at (from a mobile)

To personalize your settings:

  • Open the app and select the Home tab

  • Select Settings

  • Choose the device (in this case your Triby)

  • Set up your preferences (zip code, device name, metric unit...).



3. Try it out!

The great thing about Alexa is that there’s always something new to ask! You can find some examples in the “Things to try” tab of the Alexa app.

Ready to ask your first question? Continue to this article.


Please note that Alexa can reduce your Triby’s autonomy; read more.

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