Enable/disable Alexa on Triby

To enable Alexa on your Triby, you first need to login to your Amazon Account. Please refer to this article for more details.

Once you are logged in to your Amazon account, if Tap to Talk mode is off, the Alexa icon will appear at the top left corner of Triby’s screen. This means that Alexa is listening and will respond to the wake word “Alexa”.

You can also simply press the button on Triby’s right side and talk, without having to say “Alexa”.


If your Tap to Talk mode is on, though, the only way for you to make an Alexa request will be to use the right-side button.


To put Alexa in sleep mode, press the button on Triby’s right side for 2 seconds: this will turn off Triby’s microphones and help conserve your battery. When the microphones are turned off, “push to talk” is also disabled. To turn Alexa back on, press the same button for 2 seconds.

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