Are all Alexa commands working on Triby?

The vast majority of Alexa features work with Triby.

However, there are several Alexa commands that will not work with Triby at this time, they include:

  • Asking Alexa to play a song on Spotify or Pandora (instead, you can use Triby’s built-in Spotify Connect service)
  • Asking Alexa to start Bluetooth pairing on Triby
  • Asking Alexa to repeat or customize alarms.
    • Setting multiple alarms during a 24-hour period
    • Set the alarm volume
    • Change the alarm tone
  • Asking Alexa to discover your non cloud based Alexa-enabled home automation products such as Philips Hue and WeMo. If, however, your non-cloud-based products were previously configured with an Amazon Echo, you will be able to interact with them using Triby.
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