Change Triby’s display settings (temperature and clock) & set the time - iOS

If you are an Android user, please read this article.

For software versions 10.35 and above, the default display integrates a clock, the date, as well as room temperature and humidity level. By default, the temperature unit is defined according to the region settings of your iPhone (if it is set to United States, the temperature will be displayed in °F, if not, in °C).

  • Go in the "Settings" tab of the app


  • Select your Triby


  • Click on "Display"

  • You may choose to display the time & temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

  • For information: The "offset" settings helps you make tiny adjustments to match with your previous thermometer


Changing the timezone

The time shown on the clock is synchronized with the timezone of the last smartphone on which the app was started. If you want to change it, change your smartphone's time settings, then force stop the app and restart it.

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