Adding members to your group

This article is for users who already created and set up a group to be used with Triby. If that's not the case please read one of these article: iOS user or Android user.
A Triby group is the account you and your family will use to interact with Triby. In order to keep this group personal, it will be associated with an email address and password that users will have to enter when logging into the app. As all group members will log in using the same email address and password, make sure that, when creating your group, the password is both easy to remember, and something you as the group’s creator will be willing to share.
Think of a group as your house: You control who’s allowed in and you all access it using multiple copies of the same key.
Upon creation of your group, you’ll be prompted to add members to the group. You can add just yourself or everyone but don’t worry because you can always add or remove group members later. To help keeps things organized, we’ve added the ability to assign avatars to group members. This way, you’ll be able to quickly distinguish between members. And if one person has multiple devices that they’ll use to interact with Triby, they can assign them all the same avatar for added convenience.
After adding members to the app, please make sure to let them know they should download the Triby app and join the group from their smartphone. For them to be able to connect to the group, don't forget to share with them the group's credentials (email address and password).
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