How to set up Triby on Android (1/2) - Create your Triby group

If you are an iOS user and just bought Triby and you would like to set it up, please read this article.

Hey! Thank you for buying Triby.

The first thing you need to do to set up Triby is to download the Triby app for Android. This app will guide you through the process of creating a Triby group and will be your daily companion in using Triby.

When you open Triby’s box, the screen displays a message with the URL you need to type in your browser to download the app for free:

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to create a group*.

Wait, a group?

A Triby group gathers all the devices that can interact with Triby (usually, mobile devices of members of your family). Each avatar represents a group member. When a member of the group downloads the app and connects to the group, they will have to identify themselves with an avatar. If that member owns two mobile devices (like an iPhone and an iPad), they can identify themselves on both devices using the same avatar.

Here is a quick example.

Let’s say this family just bought a Triby: Dad owns an iPhone, Mom owns an iPhone and an iPad. They have two children, Mary, who owns an iPhone, and John, who doesn’t have a cell phone. They also have an iPad that is shared by everyone in the family.

The most convenient way to set up their Triby group would be the following:

John doesn't need an avatar; he doesn’t own a mobile device so he will just use Triby to communicate with the other members. Mom can associate both her iPhone and her iPad to her avatar. The family’s iPad also has an avatar of its own.

In this example, the icons are grayed out because none of the members have identified themselves in the group; that means creating an avatar or selecting one that's already been created when logging into the app for the first time. Only then can a member place and receive calls.


Create your Triby group

To create a group, go to the app, click 'Create a Group', then enter your email address and choose a password.

We will send you important information about your product and its software updates to this email address, so make sure to choose one that you use regularly. You will also need to choose your group name.

Once your group is created, the app you guide you through the setup of Triby with a setup wizard. Click here to read about what to know while following the setup wizard.


*Remember that your Triby can only be associated with one group. Click here to read more about groups.


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