Triby software + Triby app update (27/06/2016)

New Triby software version: 10.45

New Triby app version: 3.0

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Interact with other Triby groups - iOS only
Some of your friends or relatives also own a Triby? Now you can share doodles and calls with them while keeping separate Triby groups! This also means you can choose which Triby (yours or your friend's) to send your doodles to.

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Automatic bluetooth reconnection - iOS only
You're coming home from work and just neeeed to relax with that sweet Soul-Funk album that's been waiting for you in your phone's music library all day. We know how it feels. Now, whenever in range, Triby automatically reconnects to your phone in Bluetooth so that all you need to do is press play. 

Another great thing is that you can take incoming calls directly from Triby, without even having to take out your smartphone.

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Alexa timers display - USA only
I guess you hate overcooked chocolate fondants just as much as we do. Well, here's one for you; when you set Alexa timers, Triby accurately displays the remaining time to help keep you on track.

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