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Triby evolves in the direction our customers want it to go!

We've heard you loud and clear about Triby's battery sometimes not lasting as long as you might hope. This was because Triby’s microphones were always on the lookout for the “Alexa” wake word. But we know portability is important for you, that's why you can now use the Tap to Talk mode!

What is Tap to Talk mode?

Tap to Talk is a mode that helps you increase Triby's battery life, by activating its microphones only when you want them to. Before making a request, you need Alexa to listen to you. When Tap to Talk mode is on, here is how to do this:

  • When Triby is charging, you can have Alexa listen to you by one of two ways:
    • Beginning your command with the “Alexa” wake word.
    • Pressing Triby’s ride side button and then delivering your command, without the Alexa wake word.
  • When Triby is not charging, Alexa can only start listening to you by pressing the right side button.

Right side button of Triby for Tap to Talk:


How to turn on/off Tap to Talk mode?

As usual, you can change the setup of your Triby using the Triby app:

  • In the Settings tab of the Triby app, choose the Triby you want to link to Alexa.

  • Select "Amazon Alexa".

  • Activate/Inactivate the Tap to Talk mode.

To check if Tap to Talk is on, you can also look at your Triby's screen: a microphone icon has replaced the Alexa icon.

Last but not least, turning on Tap to Talk mode will also have a green effect on the planet, because triby will be able to turn off all audio components.

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