How to listen to music on Triby? - iOS

If you are an Android user, please read this article.

You may listen to music on Triby in three different ways:

  1. With the Spotify app
  2. On the radio
  3. From the music library (locally)

You will find a step to step guide below in order to listen to your music library on Triby.

  • In Settings > Bluetooth, Triby must be connected to your smartphone. The list button must be in green and not grey. Triby is connected to your smartphone if you can read the word "connected".

  • Play your playlist or the selected song from your library and press the logo ​​.

  • Please select Triby between all devices available.

  • When connected you will see the logo on Triby's screen. Also, the song name and author will be displayed (if available).

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