"Calls impossible" on Triby - Android (Samsung S7)

This FAQ is for Android users especially if you are using a Samsung S7. If you are an Android user but is not using a Samsung S7 and is encountering difficulty to make phone calls with Triby, please read this article.

If you are using Triby with a Samsung S7 you might encounter an issue called "Calls impossible".

The latest models of Samsung, especially the S7, possess a feature which allows you to save power on apps (save battery life).

By default, the applications not used for a certain time are shut down automatically to save battery.

To enjoy Triby and its features and avoid this issue, it is recommended to disable this option.

Please follow this step to step guide in order to do so.

  • Go to "Settings".

  • Scroll down and choose "Battery".

  • Click on "Detail".

  • Select Triby.

  • A window will show up on the screen, please select "Disabled".

  • App power saving is now disabled for Triby.



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