I'm not receiving anymore notifications from the Triby app (low battery, missed calls, doodles, incoming calls, etc) since the latest update of iOS10

This article concern iOS users and more precisely the ones using the Triby app with the latest update of iOS10. If you are an Android user, please go back to the main menu and browse our articles concerning Triby and Android.

If you are not receiving anymore any notifications from Triby (low battery, incoming calls, doodles, missed calls, etc) it could be linked to iOS10 latest update.

This problem only impact a small number of Triby users.

If you are encountering this problem, you must sign out from the app and log back in.

You can find the procedure below:

  • Go into Triby's app and click on "Settings"

  • Click on "Sign out"

  • A window will show on your smartphone's screen, click on "Disconnect"

  • You are now sign out from your group, click on "Sign in to your Group"

  • Insert your credentials (email address and password)

  • When you are log in, choose your avatar in the list

You will now receive, again, the notifications from the Triby app.

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