How to monitor the conditions at home with temperature (only for iOS)?

This article is for iOS users who want to monitor the conditions at home with temperature. Please note this feature is not available on Android.

This feature allows you to monitor the conditions at home and see the evolution of your environment temperature by days, weeks and month.

Please follow this step to step guide in order to use monitor:

  • Go to the Triby app

  • Click on "Settings"

  • You can see that the temperature (displayed on Triby's screen) is now showing next to your Triby or its given name

  • Please click on the displayed temperature (here 22.9°), a chart will appear on your smartphone's screen showing you the evolution of your home temperature. Please choose how to display the monitoring either by days, weeks or month

You can now monitor and keep track on all conditions at home and if needed adjust the temperature to meet your needs or the one of your family.




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