Hands-free calls on Triby through Bluetooth on Android

This article will explain you how to receive and make phone calls through bluetooth for Android user. If you are iOS user, please read this article.

Triby allows you to place and receive hands-free calls via Bluetooth, with any of your contacts.

First, you need to make sure your phone is connected to Triby via Bluetooth.

  • To see if Triby is connected by bluetooth to your smartphone, go to "Settings

  • Click on "Bluetooth"

  • Triby should appear in the list of the paired devices. The message "Connected for call and media audio" should appear under Triby or its name

Incoming hands-free calls through Bluetooth

If anyone (even outside of your group) calls you when your phone is connected to Triby via Bluetooth, Triby will ring. You have 2 options:

  • You can pick up by pressing the play/pause button on Triby. You will be in hands-free without even having to put out your phone
  • You can pick up on your phone; then press the "audio" icon on your screen and select your Triby, just like outgoing calls.


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